Lockdown gives Down South Liverpool owner a new lease of life!

For Kathryn Hayden, owner of Down South Liverpool, lockdown has proved to be a truly inspiring time.

At the end of Feburary, Kathryn was contacted by Grace Tierney, a junior parter at Grassendale Nutrition Club, enquiring about her popular South Liverpool Networking Events.

Kathryn said:

“We arranged to meet up to talk about the nutrition club and how the networking events could help build their business. The more Grace told me about it, the more it sparked my interest.

“After nursing a close relative through end of life cancer, I’d piled on the pounds so was feeling at my worst health wise. Grace explained the club opened last summer to help people to change their nutritional habits and lose weight following a Herbalife nutrition programme.

Grace added:

“Herbalife is the biggest nutrition company in the meal replacement market with 35% market share. There are 300 scientists on board; 36 have phds and one has won a Nobel prize so we can safely say the plan is completely backed by science.

“It’s all about fuelling your body correctly. Firstly, we look at balancing blood sugar levels every day and building a balanced meal plan that gives you everything your body needs.”

Kathryn continued:

“I was quite ignorant in the past as I’d always thought Herbalife was just another shake diet but how wrong was I? It works around having 2 shakes per day, 2 snacks and 1 main meal so I get to eat every 2-3 hours which is fantastic!

“I’ve lost almost two stone but I’m also in the best shape of my life. I have more energy and sleep better too. I’ve enjoyed it so much, I started training as a Personal Wellness Coach in mid April. I love sharing my story and helping other people to reach their own weight loss, wellbeing and sports performance goals.”

Kathryn will be working with Grace in a new club in Hunts Cross which will open on Monday 13th July. Anyone who wants more information or a FREE Wellness Evaluation, can contact Kathryn on 07921 004270 or via the Hunts Cross Nutrition Club Facebook page.

Kathryn is pictured on her bike above and below before she lost weight



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