Local lady’s incredible weight loss at Slimming World

At the beginning of 2019, Elaine Harrison was feeling as though she’d spent a lifetime overweight and had tried every diet possible. When she did diet, she would lose weight but then her old habits would re-emerge and she’d gain even more weight back on.

Elaine received a phone call from her doctors’ surgery informing her that she needed to make an appointment for a blood pressure check as she hadn’t been for three years. Her blood pressure was so dangerously high, they wanted to call an ambulance straight away to take her to hospital. Unhappy about this, they agreed she could go back in one week to re-check and see if there was any improvement. Whilst it was a little, it was still so high and Elaine was told she would need to take tablets for life.

During Easter that year, Elaine’s auntie bought her a size 22 waterproof jacket but Elaine found it was too small. It was that weekend that she decided to look up Slimming World online to find out where her nearest group was. So that Wednesday night, she went along to the group at Bridge Chapel Centre on Heath Rd in Allerton feeling very apprehensive about her size and what people might say.

Elaine said:

“The Consultant, Claire Jones, was lovely. She immediately put me at ease and explained the full programme. At the end of the class, I got weighed and I was heartbroken to see it but Claire just said, ‘well Elaine we will never see that number again will we? I put down my target not really imagining that I would ever get there.

“What I liked about was the list of free foods that you could eat without counting and a lot of them were those I enjoyed anyway. That first week as I stuck to it, I wasn’t sure how I’d done so when I stepped on the scales and had lost 6lb I was utterly delighted.

“This spurred me on and as the weight came off my confidence grew. I was doing more exercise and feeling so much better in myself. By Christmas, Paula Kinsella became our group Consultant and I had lost 5 stone and was feeling great.

“My blood pressure is now within the normal range and I may be able to come off the tablets. My BMI is nearly within the normal range and she is delighted for me every time I step on the scales.

“I never thought I would be able to get to target particularly as lockdown came but I carried on and I achieved my target weight at the beginning of July along with my 7.5 stone award!”

Claire said;

“Elaine is like a different person to when she first started. She was so anxious about joining and her weight but we work really hard to put people at ease and help them along their weight loss journey.”

Paula concluded;

“When I met Elaine she’d already lost her first 5 stone and she’s been such an inspiration to every one in both our Bridge Chapel classes. We’re all so pleased for her.”

Claire and Paula run Slimming World classes every Wednesday at Bridge Chapel Centre, Heath Road, Allerton, L19 4XR

To book a session call….

Claire; 07935 569664 (morning sessions)

Paula; 07779 784779 (afternoon/evening sessions) 



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