Is Liverpool the UK’s most sleep deprived and stressed city?

Did you look in the mirror this morning and wish you could take the bags under your eyes on an all-inclusive holiday to the Bahamas? Well, according to a survey of 1,560 respondents in the UK’s five major cities, chances are that’s because your bed is located in Liverpool!

Today, Mindbody reveals its 2020 UK Wellness Index showcasing the most sleep deprived cities and the knock-on effects this might be having on their lives.

The UK Wellness Index revealed that Liverpool is the most sleep deprived city in the UK*.  We must be having some great evenings given only 42% of us are getting seven to eight hours of shuteye a night! Either that or there’s some seriously uncomfortable beds!

We can’t say for sure what is keeping you up, but findings from Mindbody’s UK Wellness Index suggest that there might be a correlation between the amount of exercise you do and how much sleep you get. Out of the five cities, only 15% of sleep deprived Liverpudlians who responded were exercising (or maybe there’s a specific type of person that takes part in surveys?!)

How does stress fit into the equation, if at all? There are some similar themes. Liverpool comes out on top again as the most stressed city in the UK with only 20% of Liverpudlians benefitting from little to no stress (because we all work so hard that we don’t have time to exercise?!) 14% even says to feel extremely stressed compared to only 10% in Birmingham.

The top 5 most relaxed cities according to the Wellness Index:


Phil Coxon, Managing Director, Mindbody Europe commented on today’s results:

“We are very excited to be launching the inaugural Mindbody 2020 UK Wellness Index. Through data provided by both our businesses and consumers, we are able to reveal some fascinating insights into wellness practices across the country and understand how to empower the sector.

“As we can see, finding the perfect balance between sleep and exercise is a struggle for many and it is clear that the level of fitness plays a key role in addressing such a vital part of our day-to-day and wellbeing.

“Mindbody will endeavour to make finding the right balance as fun, suitable and convenient as possible for everyone across the UK. After all, isn’t a healthy, stress-free life what we all strive for?”



Photo by Alexandra Gorn on Unsplash

*Surveying 1,560 respondents in the UK’s five major cities: London, Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham and Sheffield. 300 responded from Liverpool.



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