Design Integrity

Design Integrity is a brand-led creative studio.

Our passion is that you as an organisation are heard, seen and understood. We encourage clients to put their values at the very heart of all their creative and technological communications. We’ll challenge everything from tone of voice, positioning, customer profiling and business personality, all in pursuit of extracting a brand’s uniqueness. That uniqueness is your company’s most powerful influencer. Your website is your brand. Your logo is your brand. How you talk is your brand. Let’s not just tell the world how good you are, let’s create gut feelings and make memories.




Dates of our Networking Events in 2020

Dates of our Networking Events in 2020

Be sure you won't miss out on one of our Networking Events this year by adding the dates to your calendar now. They all take place on Wednesdays from 9.00am - 11.00am on: 29th January - Complete! 25th March - Cancelled 20th May 8th July 23rd September 25th November...

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